Visible Body Launches 3D and AR Biology Cell Models in Partnership with Google Search

3D and AR Biology Models Now Discoverable In Google’s Search Results Knowledge Box on Mobile

Models Will Be Made Available to Students and Teachers in the Fall of 2020

Natick, MA — June 6, 2020 — Visible Body, the creator of best-in-class 3D and AR virtual human anatomy labs, apps, and teaching platforms, announced today that it partnered with Google Search to provide users with eight new cell biology models. These 3D and AR models are now discoverable and integrated into Google’s Knowledge Box (found in the top right of each search result on mobile). The news was also announced on Google’s Blog late last month. The search terms and models include animal cell, bacterial cell, plant cell, mitochondria, golgi apparatus, and endoplasmic reticulum.

This year’s launch comes on the heels of Visible Body providing 100 3D + AR human anatomy models to Google’s Search team in 2019, a distinction that landed Visible Body on the main stage of the 2019 Google i/o Developer Conference.

“With over seven million app downloads globally, we have close to 50,000 students opening our human anatomy apps every day,” said Andrew Bowditch, CEO and Co-Founder of Visible Body. “The higher education professors we work with have been asking us to create biology content for years. With Google’s focus on AR in Search, the time was now to build out those models for them and for our students.”

The biology content made available to Google this month is a preview of the visual and interactive biology lab course that will be made available to students and teachers this fall. It will include a variety of 3D and AR models and provide curriculum content and tools that enable instructors to offer students visual and interactive lab activities without the need for a physical lab space.

“We plan to launch over a dozen biology models as part of the first release in the Fall,” continued Bowditch. That content will also include a biology lab course made available to professors in the Courseware platform, giving biology instructors the models, the assignments, and quizzes—everything they need to offer an online biology lab.”

The plant cell, animal cell, and bacterial cell models released earlier this month appear in Google’s prized Knowledge Box (located in the top right corner of a search result on mobile only). The 3D models include links to free lab activities teachers can use to introduce cell biology to students. Additional lab activities and models like plant structures, DNA, and chromosomes are planned for early summer. In the meantime, instructors can preview the biology website, download lab activities, and get updates about the release of the full lab course product.

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