Surviving college as a pre-med student: Why I use Human Anatomy Atlas to take notes

I think it's about time I introduced myself around here. Hi, I'm Madison. Nice to meet you!


You've probably seen my name floating around the VB universe at some point or another, either here on the blog, in an email, or on all of Visible Body's social media pages, of which I'm in charge. Instagram stories and posts? That's me. Facebook posts? Yep. A&P Blog posts? Right here. Tweets? Probably me. You get the picture.

This is my first year as college student at Northeastern University in Boston, MA and I absolutely love it here—the city, the culture, the people, the campus, etc. (I could go on and on). I'm studying Pharmaceutical Science and I'm on a pre-med track, meaning I've got to take a LOT of science classes! On top of Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, and Psychology, I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology this semester. Yeah, it's a lot. 

This year I invested in a new iPad Pro and Pencil (thanks, Apple Education discount!) and it has changed my life. I take all my notes on it and can switch from app to app seamlessly. Taking notes for Anatomy is the worst; it can be so tedious sometimes, but being able to pull up corresponding anatomy models with Human Anatomy Atlas has saved me on my weekly lab practicals. 

Madison Note-taking video

I made a quick tutorial on note-taking with Human Anatomy Atlas.

I love to screenshot the models and import them right into my notes; they make perfect blank diagrams for me to label, and using the Save View button to refer back to complicated views makes life so easy for me. 

When midterm season rolls around, I always type up a study guide on my computer. Having Atlas open next to me on the iPad is a great enrichment resource. I can whip open corresponding models, a quiz, an animation, or even any Notecards I made previously. 

Freshman year is definitely a lot of work and I know I've got a long road ahead, so I'm glad I have the resources to thrive!