Medical accuracy is important (duh). Our VP of Biomedical Visualization explains why.

It seems like it would be such a no-brainer, doesn't it? Of course medical accuracy is important! We're talking about actual human lives, after all. But because the world of medicine and anatomy is as vast as the world is large, there are millions of sources of information, and because the "word of law" in medicine changes faster than the weather in Boston, a lot of that information is either obsolete or just plain inaccurate. 

There's still so much about the human body that we don't know, and when you have so many experts weighing in on things there can be disagreements. A lot of medical "myths" and misconceptions still persist to this day (and are even sometimes perpetuated by professionals!). It's not a surprise that there's so much inaccuracy floating around. 

Keeping up with current research, discoveries, and peer-reviewed studies is so crucial to continuing to provide accurate info. At the VB office, accuracy is the name of our game. Why don't I let Bert, our VP of Biomedical Visualization tell you more about it.



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