Increase Student Engagement Online with Premade Courses in Visible Body Courseware

When it comes to course prep and quiz grading, you can let Visible Body do the heavy lifting. 

It’s hard to get students engaged, and it’s even more difficult in asynchronous courses. Hybrid and online-only courses give students the flexibility to learn at their own pace—but online teaching may add challenges to getting students invested in the content, particularly in prerequisite courses. 


An immersive assignment in Courseware.

With Visible Body Courseware, you can teach with and assign dynamic 3D models and activities designed for active learning. Courseware is a 3D visual health and life science learning platform that comes with fully immersive assignments and LMS integration. Students can explore biology and human anatomy and physiology through 3D models, simulations, animations, and more. 

Our team has designed over 40 premade Courseware courses, which come decked out with quizzes, labs, immersive assignments, and activities. Let’s explore Courseware’s premade courses and assignments, as well as how you can leverage this content for your classes!

Using a premade course

Building a new course in an LMS from scratch can be a daunting task, but Visible Body’s got your back. You can choose from our library of premade courses, add them to your account with a click, and then edit the contents to suit your class’s needs. Each assignment is fully customizable.

You can copy content to another course in just a few weeks—that means you can mix-and-match content from multiple premade courses. 

Using the bulk editing tool, you can publish or unpublish, change due dates and release dates, or copy assignments and folders without editing them one at a time. 

Immersive assignments

In our library of premade courses, you’ll find two courses dedicated to Courseware’s new immersive assignments: one for biology and one for A&P. 

Each immersive assignment is made up of activities and quizzes that walk students through concepts with rich, interactive visual aids. Instructions guide students through 3D models, animations, simulations, and more as they progress through the assignment. 

An immersive assignment in Courseware.

At the end of each of the assignments, a short multiple-choice or dissection quiz checks students’ knowledge. Quizzes are automatically graded, and grades are logged into Courseware’s built-in Gradebook. 

Textbook and course correlations

Our team has built premade courses that correlate to popular textbooks! In a textbook correlated course, you’ll find lessons, activities, and quizzes that correspond to textbook chapters and units. This ensures that students can move from 2D textbook to 3D learning with ease. 

textbook and vb suite mobile

Textbook correlations are available for: 

  • Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy
  • Hole's Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • OpenStax’s Anatomy & Physiology and for Concepts of Biology. Learn more about our partnership with OpenStax here
  • Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections
  • And many, many more!

In addition to your standard introductory biology and A&P I and II courses, our team has designed courses to support disciplines like: 

  • Physical education 
  • Dental anatomy
  • Healthcare
  • Kinesiology

Autograded labs

The autograded labs course is a virtual A&P lab manual consisting of structured units full of 3D learning modules and dissection and multiple-choice quizzes. And the best part? All the quizzes are self-grading and report directly to the Gradebook, saving instructors precious time! 

In each unit, you will find:

  • A lesson plan that acts as a how-to guide for teaching the rest of the assignments in the unit.
  • Student overview and pre-lab material. The pre-lab learning modules and reference material give students a brief introduction to and refresher on the structures and concepts they’ll be working with in the lab activity.
  • The lab activity itself! The lab activities are dissection quizzes in which students will apply what they’ve learned in the pre-lab assignments. In these activities, students will be asked to select structures by name or by function description. 
  • Last but not least, each unit ends with a “putting it all together” module, which connects what students have learned to relevant physiological processes. Students will see how the structures they’ve identified participate in the processes that keep the body running, and how the body systems they’ve learned about interact with one another. 


A dissection quiz in Courseware.

Teach with premade courses

Want to add a premade course to your Courseware account? Simply go to the premade courses page to find your perfect course and click the “Add course to my account” button under the course’s description. 

Don’t have Courseware yet? Fill out this quick form and our education team will get you set up with a free instructor trial.

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