5 Facts about the Anatomy of the Pelvic Cavity

I know we've done posts about the pelvic girdle before, but guess what? HERE'S ANOTHER. It's just that cool. Plus, it gives us a little bit of room to show off new bone and organ tissue the team here is working on!

The pelvic cavity is the space in which organs (including reproductive and urinary), muscles, vessels, nerves, and other structures are housed. 

1. The pelvic cavity is created by the space between the pelvic bones.

pelvic-cavity-girdle-anteriorImage captured from Human Anatomy Atlas.


2. Muscles form the floor and walls of the pelvic cavity. 

pelvic-cavity-walls-muscle-legImage captured from Human Anatomy Atlas.


3. Organs in the pelvic cavity support digestive, reproductive, and urinary functions.

pelvic-cavity-organs-functionsImage captured from Human Anatomy Atlas. 


4. In the female cavity, the bladder & urethra lie in front of the vagina, the rectum behind it.

female-pelvisImage captured from Human Anatomy Atlas.


5. In the male cavity, the bladder is located behind the pubic bone and above the prostate.

male-pelvisImage captured from Human Anatomy Atlas.

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