Do Innovations Improve Teaching and Learning?

We reached out to Anatomy & Physiology instructors across the U.S. and asked how they incorporate visual and interactive learning into their curriculum to match current student learning styles.

Anatomy education is seeing a shift toward 3D materials. To find out how this is changing the way instructors are teaching A&P classes, we asked:

What visuals do you use in your classes and in lab settings?

What resources best help and engage students?

How will your classes change in the next year?

Are visual and interactive resources useful? 

What did instructors say?

"The majority of students now have visual processing as their primary learning system, so augmenting auditory instruction with visuals is key."

Portland Community College

"This generation of learners is used to information at their fingertips, mainly through visual media."

Daemen College

"Visual content has become very important, both in the classroom and for the students to study when they are not in the classroom. I hear students talking about the different apps or YouTube videos that they use to study. I would like to have the students rely on one visual/interactive app or website instead of ten different ones."

Marion Technical College


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