Visible Body® Releases Visible Body for iPad 2 3D Human Anatomy Atlas

NEWTON, Mass. July 13, 2011 Visible Body today announced that its iPad 2- optimized human anatomy app is now available on the App Store.

Visible Body for iPad 2 3D Human Anatomy Atlas is a human anatomy learning and teaching app that allows users to explore the human body. This first iPad release features a female anatomical model with over 2,500 individual structures and hundreds of definitions of body systems, organs, vasculature and nerves. Visible Body is a reference and visualization tool for educators, students, doctors, and other health care professionals.

"Our newest offering takes full advantage of the iPad 2 platform to allow users to simply and quickly view complex anatomy in any combination from any angle with just a few taps and swipes of the fingertips," said Andrew Bowditch, President and CEO of Visible Body. "You don't have to flip through pages in a book to show the different sides of an organ or joint, or carry around a series of plastic models to show how it all fits together." A few taps on the iPad 2 and a doctor can show a patient the exact area of concern within the body and point out the interplay of anatomical structures.

"The iPad 2 app also offers 21st-century educational opportunities for instructors and students. A professor can project the app and manipulate anatomy on-screen during a lecture," said Bowditch. As a companion tool for coursework, Visible Body allows students to replicate a static image in a textbook with a 3D interactive model. Students can follow the steps of a dissection, or have an additional, highly visual study tool that is compelling and fun to use. In addition to its powerful visuals, Visible Body provides indepth definitions that describe the location, function, and characteristics of hundreds of structures.

“The iPad 2 provides an ideal platform for Visible Body,” said Bowditch. “It has enough processing power to seamlessly support our highly textured and detailed models. Students are accustomed to the fast, rich 3D graphics of computer games, and this product on the iPad 2 meets those high expectations.”

The app became a top seller among medical apps within days of being posted. "Our product offers medical practitioners unparalleled content for the price. We are happy to see the marketplace agree,” said Bowditch. “Health care providers now have a lightweight, extremely quick and simple way to show their patients very complex anatomy. This product allows them to take a huge step forward in patient education and provides a great reference tool.”

Visible Body for iPad 2 3D Human Anatomy Atlas puts learning, understanding, and explaining human anatomy in your hands and at your fingertips.

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Visible Body is a content and software development firm that produces award-winning interactive and visual content. The company publishes anatomy and physiology learning products sold through its web site and at the Apple App Store and produces custom content for many of the world's top pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and educational publishing companies. Founded in 1996, Visible Body is based in Newton, Massachusetts. The company also operates as Argosy Publishing.

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