Visible Body Releases Human Anatomy Atlas 8 for iPad and iPhone

January 06, 2016—Visible Body®, the developer of an award-winning suite of 3D anatomy software, today released Human Anatomy Atlas 8, a major update of its best-selling app for the iPad and iPhone.

Human Anatomy Atlas is the premier visual resource for healthcare professionals and students. The latest release offers additional in-depth anatomy, new functionality allowing easy customization and sharing of anatomical models, and availability in seven languages.

“Our app is the market leader. Atlas has 3D models of gross and microanatomy, moving muscle actions, and physiology animations. So a focus of this release is to make it even more simple for customers to access the content they want at the moment they need it,” said Visible Body CEO Andrew Bowditch. He noted that customers’ time constraints play a key role in the update: students and professors have a great deal of ground to cover each semester, and, in professional settings, while patient education is very important, time can be tight.

“Keeping Human Anatomy Atlas the premier app—full of visually compelling, medically accurate content that our customers can access quickly—is something we work on every single day.”

In Atlas 8 users can tap the new “blast” icon to add anatomy surrounding a selected structure, allowing them to view detailed models in their anatomical context with one simple gesture. Another new feature is the “tour,” which lets users create and save a presentation by linking together a series of preset or customized 3D anatomical views that they commonly reference.

Atlas 8 for iPhone/iPad is available in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, and Simplified Chinese. The app includes:

  • Male and female models, each with thousands of anatomical structures
  • Encyclopedic reference content that includes Latin names, comprehensive definitions, and descriptions of common diseases
  • Physiology and pathology animations and a library of 90+ more available as in-app purchases
  • The option to add even more content: in-app purchases of fully interactive 3D muscle action animations, muscle origins and insertions, and bony landmarks
  • Preset views that showcase the most commonly viewed regions and structures
  • Language settings that can be easily switched within the app for multilingual users
  • Features that make customizing, saving, and sharing visuals simple and fast

In addition to its debut for iPad and iPhone, Visible Body plans to release Atlas 8 for Android, PCs and Macs, and institutional site licenses later this year.

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