Visible Body Releases Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 for iOS and Android

 NEWTON, MA August 10, 2018 Visible Body, creator of the world’s best-selling human anatomy apps, today announced the release of Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 Edition for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

The app’s Augmented Reality (AR) functionality, groundbreaking when it was released last year, has been expanded to include 2D image recognition. AR creates a transformative learning experience that enables app users to visualize gross anatomy and microanatomy from a 360-degree perspective, just like they would in a real lab setting. With the new image recognition feature, Anatomy Atlas users can download free lab activities and lesson plans from Visible Body’s website that create an instant virtual laboratory and 3D learning environment anywhere.

Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 with augmented reality can turn any room into a lab.

“When we released our first gen AR-enabled Human Anatomy Atlas last year, we knew it would change the way people teach and study anatomy,” said Andrew Bowditch, CEO and co-Founder of Visible Body. “However, we were blown away by how quickly and passionately our users embraced the AR experience. As a company, we are focused on providing instructors, students, and medical practitioners content and tools to advance understanding of the human body as efficiently and as engagingly as possible. Augmented Reality and support in using it are a huge part of that mission.”

The Human Anatomy Atlas has been a global phenomenon since it was introduced in 2007. With the rollout of the 2019 Edition, Visible Body has temporarily reduced its price; it is currently one of the top selling apps on Apple devices.

Also new to Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 Edition is a revamped search feature that allows users to type in any term, delivering within seconds results from a database of over 11,500 visualizations. Finally, the app includes new 3D models and animations, including a refined model of the cerebrum, new motor and sensory maps, and new dermatomes. New in-app purchases for those who want a deeper dive include 3D Dental Anatomy and additional physiology and pathology animations.

Institutional subscriptions of Visible Body’s apps are available to high schools, colleges, and hospital networks for classroom, research, and patient education. For licensing options visit our website.

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