Visible Body Partners with Rise Against Hunger for Meal Packing Event

Dozens of Visible Body employees spent an afternoon at our headquarters packing meals through Rise Against Hunger. 

Visible Body paid it forward by donating the contents of the meal packs, and employees turned the office kitchen into a meal assembly line. In one afternoon of nonstop activity, we packed 10,000 meals! 

For 25 years, Rise Against Hunger has been empowering communities, nourishing lives, and responding to emergencies around the globe. The organization targets remote, last-mile communities within serious hunger pockets, working with local leaders to tackle food and nutrition security challenges. Just last year, Rise Against Hunger packaged a whopping 44.5 meals, impacting over 4.4 million lives.

Our team valued the opportunity to take a break from creating edtech solutions and redirect our collaborative energy into packing nutritious meals. 


VB’s CEO and CFO, along with Bill of Rise Against Hunger, strike the gong to alert the team to 10,000 meals packed!

A big thank you goes out to our human resources team and Bill Maniscalco, Rise Against Hunger’s Partnership Manager. Bill explained to the group how Rise Against Hunger’s meals are served at Early Childhood Development Centers and ensure that children receive critical nourishment.

To learn more about Rise Against Hunger meal events, visit their website

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