Visible Body Launches Physiology & Pathology Virtual Anatomy App

App Depicts Healthy vs. Common Disease States 

LAS VEGAS, NV — October 28, 2019 — Visible Body, the virtual anatomy technology that empowers a greater understanding of the human body, today is launching Physiology & Pathology, the latest of its award-winning virtual anatomy tech apps that revolutionize the way students learn, doctors practice, and everyday people explore the human body. At the HLTH Conference in Las Vegas (BOOTH #K-736) today, Visible Body will showcase how the Physiology & Pathology app brings a new understanding of the world’s most common disease states to people across the globe, allowing them to discover what happens when normal body functions break down.

“Visible Body’s Physiology & Pathology app is a monumental launch for us, one that brings the company one step closer to our mission, better health education for all,” said Andrew Bowditch, CEO and Co-Founder of Visible Body.  “Much like how our Human Anatomy Atlas app revolutionized the way people teach and study anatomy, Physiology & Pathology will forever change the way common diseases and conditions are understood around the world.”

Visible Body’s Physiology & Pathology app was developed in response to thousands of requests from Visible Body’s active user community. This customer demand drove the award-winning development team to research how common pathologies tie back to how the human body is supposed to work. Specifically, Physiology & Pathology lets users discover what happens when physiology fails through interactive lessons that explain the step-by-step breakdown of common cardiovascular, renal, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and musculoskeletal processes. Physiology & Pathology covers 48 physiology topics and 57 conditions, with 50 lessons, over 5,800 3D models, 38 animations, 16 illustrations, and 26 quizzes. 

“Visible Body’s Physiology & Pathology is the culmination of years of research and listening to our customers about what they wanted. For instance, we spent a lot of time ensuring that Physiology & Pathology offers the most realistic interaction with a human beating heart,” said Lori Levans, Editorial Director at Visible Body. “The ability to visualize blood flow and see the heart beat alongside an ECG is truly revolutionary. In essence, we’ve brought the Wiggers Diagram—the standard chart that’s been used to teach cardiac physiology for decades—to life.”


By adh30; revised work by DanielChangMD, who revised original work of DestinyQx; Redrawn as SVG by xavax

Wikimedia Commons: Wiggers Diagram.svg, CC BY-SA 4.0

Visible Body’s groundbreaking 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) functionality creates a transformative learning experience that enables app users to visualize and dissect gross anatomy and microanatomy from a 360-degree perspective, creating an anatomy lab anywhere. Users can download free lab activities and lesson plans from Visible Body’s website that create an instant virtual laboratory and 3D learning environment anywhere.

“Visible Body’s new app will give my students the ability to compare 3D models of normal anatomy to models of common diseases and conditions,” said Cindy Harley, associate professor of biology at Metropolitan State University. “Being able to walk through interactive lessons that help them understand the progression of atherosclerosis, kidney stones, lung cancer, and other common conditions by manipulating 3D models and watching animations will dramatically improve their understanding, just as I’ve seen with other Visible Body products.”


About Visible Body

Visible Body is the world’s most trusted resource for the human body. More than 7 million people have downloaded Visible Body in over 200 countries in seven languages, and over 46,000 people open our apps each day. In May of 2019, Visible Body provided Google’s Search team with 100+ 3D and AR models now discoverable in organic search, a distinction that landed them on the main stage of the 2019 Google I/O Developer Conference. The company’s Human Anatomy Atlas was one of Google’s Best Apps of 2018 as well as Apple’s “Best of 2017.” It most recently was named one of BostInno’s 2019 “50 on Fire.” Visible Body’s apps are available for individual purchase on mobile. Group pricing is available for businesses and academic institutions.

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