New Models Coming to Human Anatomy Atlas 2022 + in May 2022

Visible Body is excited to announce new and updated anatomy models coming to Human Anatomy Atlas 2022 +

After listening to feedback from instructors, students, and professionals who use Human Anatomy Atlas 2022 + to teach and learn, the team at Visible Body will be adding three models and updating two existing models in May. 

The new, interactive 3D models featured are the heart wall, skeletal muscle, and hepatic lobule models. 

“Like our current microanatomy models, our new models allow users to take a much deeper dive into specific parts of some of our macro or gross anatomical structures,” said Bert Oppenheim, Visible Body’s Vice President of Creative Services.

“For example, the skeletal muscle model takes you on a journey: it begins with a macro view of a sectioned long bone and attached muscle belly and dives further and further into the inner detailed world of connective tissue, fascia and muscle fibers. The level of detail is amazing, and I think our customers will really enjoy it visually and will also learn a ton from it.”

As part of the May update, Atlas’s existing osteon and sectioned femur models will be updated with more detail than ever. 

“We really were able to add much more depth, details and elements when updating our previous models to enhance each of the two bone models,” said Oppenheim. “The osteon in particular is one of my favorites. It really feels like a new model because of how much work went into the update, from the smallest of details like including individual, selectable osteocytes and details of each of the concentric layers of lamellae.” 

Thanks to Human Anatomy Atlas 2022 +’s subscription model, customers who have Atlas, Web Suite, or Courseware subscriptions will receive these updates automatically. 

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