Visible Body invites professors and instructors to provide feedback on developing project aimed at medical students seeking to pass USMLE.

Newton, MA — December 2015 — Visible Body is pleased to announce its participation in an award-winning project aimed at providing medical students with a mobile, visual, and interactive way to learn about core renal physiology concepts. The Water Homeostasis project, authored by nephrologists John Danziger, Jeffrey William, and Mark Zeidel, was submitted to the American Society for Nephrology’s Innovations in Kidney Education Contest. Last month, at the ASN annual conference, the project was one of three winners chosen by the ASN for “innovative approaches to teaching about kidney health and disease.”

“We got involved when Dr. John Danziger, an assistant professor in medicine at Harvard Medical School, and nephrologist at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston, contacted us,” explained Visible Body CEO Andrew Bowditch. “He had an idea to merge text and visuals in a way that would be more appealing and accessible to medical students.”

Bowditch notes that the timing was perfect. “We’ve created some best-selling and innovative for-sale and free content for undergraduate students. The Visible Body medical visualization and editorial teams were investigating similar educational initiatives aimed at medical students preparing for the USMLE exam.” Bowditch noted that Visible Body and the coauthors, all nephrologists at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston, are committed to developing the project past the one-chapter prototype. “The Water Homeostasis prototype showcases how Visible Body brings together talented teams that create innovative solutions for the company’s tech-savvy and loyal customers.”

Visible Body contributed four 3D medical visualizations to the one-chapter prototype and provided technology direction. The web-based presentation explains to students, in a visual and interactive platform, the key concepts in renal physiology:

The complete prototype is at:

The authors are collecting feedback at:

The team at Visible Body in partnership with physicians and professors are developing additional content to offer innovative ways for medical students to learn anatomy, physiology, and pathologies. This project is part of a company initiative focused on using Visible Body’s library of assets, its software platforms, and its team of medical visualization and teaching professionals to provide the type of learning experience that attracts today’s visual, mobile, and time-strapped learners.

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