Visible Body® Announces New Release of its Revolutionary 3D Human Anatomy Visualization and Learning Tool

Visible Body® Now Includes Over 2,400 Anatomical Models, and Improved 3D Detail and Textures

NEWTON, MA — (Business Wire - August 24, 2010) — Visible Body—the first Web-based 3D interactive model of the human body—announced today that it now includes an additional 700 anatomical structures, and finer renderings of major organs. Highlights of the new release include:

  • New cross-sectional views of the intestine, pancreas, and stomach
  • New renderings for ligaments of the shoulder, knee and ankle
  • The addition of dozens of models to the digestive system
  • Enhanced vasculature and ligaments of the liver
  • Truer-to-life soft tissue textures added to the stomach, heart and pancreas
  • Over 100 terms added to the dynamic search function

With over 2,400 anatomical models, Visible Body serves as a reference and visualization tool for educators, students, doctors, and others interested in human anatomy.

Users of Visible Body can, in real time, view any combination of anatomical structures from any angle by zooming in, rotating, and making structures transparent or invisible. Visible Body has dynamic search capability, easy-to-use 3D controls, and is compatible with most web browsers.

“This release expands the number of anatomical models and the platform's functionality” said Andrew Bowditch, President and CEO of Visible Body. “The real-time 3D experience provides an opportunity to explore relative anatomy that is usually available only through an anatomy dissection lab. Visible Body goes beyond the lab experience because it gives the student the ability to view any combination of structures from all angles.”

Visible Body is sold through website subscriptions at The updated website showcases new features and streamlines the subscription process. A one-minute overview video is available on the website at A free demonstration version is available at The demonstration version offers all the functionality of the software and access to the models of the head and neck.

“We’re delighted to be offering this new release just in time for the start of the fall semester,” Bowditch added. “Students and professors keep telling us that Visible Body is an invaluable anatomy learning tool. With the addition of hundreds of new structures and truer soft tissue textures, we look forward to reaching an even broader audience.”

Visible Body has also partnered with a number of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies to develop customized modules that provide surgical training and showcase new products to medical professionals and their patients.

About Visible Body

Visible Body® is a trademark of Argosy Publishing, an award-winning interactive visual content development firm whose clients include many of the world's top pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and educational publishing companies. The Massachusetts-based company's electronic and print content helps educate and inform millions of people on thousands of topics. The team behind Visible Body includes professionals with decades of experience in medical illustration and biomedical visualization.

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