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Finding the Visible Body app that’s right for you

What is the difference between the content in Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Edition and Anatomy & Physiology?

3D Structures:
Both apps include the same 3D anatomy structures, definitions, and pronunciations. In Atlas that content is free form; the user browses preset views or uses the search to find the anatomy visuals needed. In Anatomy & Physiology the 3D anatomy structures are included as part of a chapter-by-chapter introduction to each body system. The user can search for this content, but we find that they usually follow the guided, step-by-step course format in the app.

Anatomy & Physiology includes 80+ normal physiology animations that are not part of the initial purchase in Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Edition. These animations introduce basic human physiology concepts.

Other Content:
Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Edition contains the following additional content not in Anatomy & Physiology: Cross-section models that you can see side-by-side with MRI scans and cadaver images, interactive moving muscle actions, and a more complete series of bony landmark views that show details about bones.

Anatomy & Physiology includes a series of illustrations and text explanations that introduce basic anatomy and physiology for each body system. That content is not in Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Edition.

Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Edition has a settings function that switches the language of the app to English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, and Spanish. In Fall 2016 that same function is scheduled to be available in Anatomy & Physiology for the following languages: English, French, German, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Most customers who want a reference select Atlas; customers who need a course-like introduction to human anatomy and physiology, select Anatomy & Physiology. 

Want more detailed content information? You can access a list of the content and organization for each app at our support site. Scroll to find the app and then the version for your device. Select the release notes to access the content list.

If I have Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Edition, do I have everything in Muscle Premium?

The fast answer is "not quite." Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Edition is a detailed general reference on all body systems. For muscles and bones, it includes muscle actions, views that include bony landmarks, and paint and pins that show details origins and insertions. Muscle Premium includes all that content in a more free-form user interface, and provides a deeper dive into muscles and bones. Muscle Premium also includes 3D models of common pathologies that are not available in Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Edition.

In summary if you want quick and simple views of muscle and bone details, you can access them in Atlas. If you work a lot with muscle/bone anatomy and function, and you want the ability to show your patients 3D pathology models, Muscle Premium will continue to be a more comprehensive app. 

You can access a detailed list of the content and organization for Muscle Premium at our support site.

What is the difference between Anatomy & Physiology and Anatomy & Function?

The content is virtually the same in these two apps, it's just a matter of how the content is organized.

In Anatomy & Physiology, 3D structures, along with select animations and illustrations, are organized into units and chapters that present the major concepts taught in an undergraduate A&P course.

Watch a demo of Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Function contains most but not all of the content that's in A&P because we selected the most common concepts and physiological processes. You have the ability to search by common function as well as by body system. This app is designed to be more of a reference tool and easy way to share images and animations with patients, friends, and colleagues.

Watch a demo of Anatomy & Function

There are animations available in all your apps. Are they the same? If I have Anatomy & Physiology do I have all the animations?

If you have Anatomy & Physiology or Anatomy & Function, you have many of our physiology animations, but not all. Many of the pathology animations are not core to the undergraduate introductory course this app follows and are not included. You can see a list of animations in the app here:

Anatomy & Function

Anatomy & Physiology

On mobile platforms our animations are also avilable as in-app purchases within Human Anatomy Atlas (for iPhone/iPad and Android).

In what languages are your apps available? Is each language a separate purchases?

We started a translations program in 2015 and have Human Anatomy Atlas and Muscle Premium translated into seven languages and currently availble in iOS and for site lecense subscribers. The Android and PC and Mac versions will be available across all platforms by 2016. The languages are built into each app. Customers can switch the app language using the settings options within the app.

Getting your students access to VB apps

How can my students purchase Visible Body apps?

Students can buy copies directly at these stores:
For PC/Mac at our web store
For iPad and iPhone at the App Store
For Android devices on Google Play
For Windows Touch devices on the Windows Store

Your institution can purchase a site license for students. Get information about a Visible Body site license for your school or institution by filling out this short form.

Can my school's bookstore stock Visible Body apps?

College and university bookstores can offer our PC and Mac download products to their students by reselling serial numbers.

  • Volume orders receive a discount off of the list price.
  • The minimum invoice for a volume order is $500.
  • These products are delivered via download only. Volume purchasers will receive a spreadsheet with serial numbers, with one serial number for each copy ordered.

Returns are accepted for unsold serial numbers within six months of receipt, as long as the return does not lower the purchase amount below the $500 minimum. Any previously activated serial numbers will not be credited.

Fill out this quick form to get information about bookstore orders of Visible Body apps.

Can I install copies of Visible Body apps in my lab?

The apps we sell at our web store and through iTunes, Google Play, and the Windows Store are for individual use. If you intend to install our products on mobile devices or desktop computers in a lab or similar location where many people have access to the apps you need a multi-user license. Visible Body offers multi-user seat licenses to provide you with copies of Visible Body apps for multiple users. Get information about a Visible Body site licenses for your school or institution by filling out this short form.

Using Anatomy & Physiology in your course

Does Visible Body's Anatomy & Physiology app replace a textbook?

Anatomy & Physiology is a visual and interactive, step-by-step guide to the major ideas in your course. It covers a lot of the content in an undergraduate anatomy and physiology course, detailed chemistry level content. This pdf includes a detailed table of contents of the content in Anatomy & Physiology by Visible Body. The app is often used for a textbook replacement in a flipped classroom course and as a supplement to a core textbook. This pdf is a list of textbook correlations.

What topics are covered in Anatomy & Physiology?

Anatomy & Physiology is set up just like a typical undergraduate A&P syllabus or textbook. There is a unit on each body system. Within each unit are a series of chapters that do a deeper dive. Each chapter contains 3D models, illustrations, and animations to convey key concepts. This pdf includes a detailed table of contents for Anatomy & Physiology by Visible Body.

How do I use Anatomy & Physiology for my course?

Assign a chapter for students before they come to lecture or lab. Use it to complement your online course. If you are flipping your class, get students to work through a module prepared to discuss the topic in class.

Watch how one A&P professor uses it for her lecture on the lower respiratory system.

Download our instructor manual with textbook correlation guides.

How do I know Anatomy & Physiology will address the challenges I have with student readiness in the undergraduate A&P course I teach?

We class tested the beta release in the spring of 2013 with hundreds of students. More than 90% of these student class testers said they thought the app was a great tool.

See what students say about how their course grade improved using the Anatomy & Physiology app.

See how one student uses Anatomy & Physiology to get a better grade in the course.

For how long do students get access to Anatomy & Physiology?

If your students will be buying Anatomy & Physiology from our web store, iTunes App Store, or Google Play the app is a one time buy. If access is through your school's subscription, a student's access is governed by their enrollment and the school's subscription to the product. For more information on school subscriptions, send a request for information by filling out this short form.

Bulk purchases and custom orders

How do I buy mutliple copies of an app to use in my business? I’m a product manager at a pharma company and I want to train my sales force using Visible Body apps.

Visible Body offers a bulk purchase package so that you many offer a number of Visible Body apps to single users. Packages start at $500. Request information on a bulk purchase for single users.

Does Visible Body create custom products? My company would like to add marketing materials and 3D models of our medical device to a version of your app and distribute to customers.

We are always looking for channel partners. Fill out this short form and someone from our team will be in touch.

Does Visible Body have an affiliate program or a reseller program? My company would like to distribute Visible Body apps.

We are always looking for channel partners. Fill out this short form and someone from our team will be in touch.

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