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Visible Body produces customized and branded versions of our top-selling consumer products for many of the world's top pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and educational publishing companies.

Branded Versions of Visible Body iPad Apps

Gift a branded or customized version of a Visible Body app to your customers or distribute to your sales and marketing team. These apps offer a visually stunning reference application to use for continuing education and to facilitate patient education. Visible Body partners with companies to provide content through the business-to-business iTunes store. Clients offer branded and/or customized versions of our top-rated and award-winning apps. To preview one of these apps visit the product page:

Anatomy & Phyisology
Anatomy & Function
Human Anatomy Atlas
Muscle Premium
Skeleton Premium
Heart & Circulatory Premium 2
Physiology Animations
Brain & Nervous System Anatomy for iPad
Digestive Anatomy for iPad
Respiratory Anatomy for iPad
Urinary & Reproductive Anatomy for iPad
Animations & Illustrations

For over 15 years Visible Body's award-winning staff has created animations and illustrations for use across the consumer and professional spectrum. Our clients include textbook publishers, medical journals, children's book publishers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and television programs.

See our general portfolio of content. To use an animation or illustration in our portfolio, or to get information about a custom piece, please submit a request.